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Healthy Thinking. Healthy Results.

Getting in shape, mentally & physically.

The Anti-Diet Experiment
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Trying a different approach to weight loss: focusing on self-esteem and increasing intuition.
The intention of this community is to create a positive and uplifting environment to support those who desire to lose weight or become healthier but have not had good results from "dieting." Using the term "diet" can often feel like deprivation, and has encouraged feelings of self-judgment and self-loathing when diets don't work (and they, unfortunately, often do not work for everyone). Let's try a revolutionary approach together, where we write in positive, kind, and uplifting ways to each other to create an environment that encourages personal and spiritual growth. From a place of spiritual growth, we hope to naturally begin to crave healthy foods, desire exercise, and start feeling more and more vibrant as the weight drops off.

Because this is a positive community about weight-loss and good health, we will be focusing on practical things we can do as well as thinking positively. Wishful thinking alone cannot create positive results. It is my desire as the maintainer of this community to encourage exercise and self-reflection upon your own habits. It's important to think about the things you can change. If we only focused upon the spiritual aspects, it would become preachy and you might begin to feel helpless if changes didn't happen. I believe that in all aspects of life we must focus on the spiritual, physical, and mental changes we can make to make the improvements that we desire.

Let's use our intention to guide our body to nurture itself, rather than feeling bad about being overweight in the first place. Let's accept ourselves in this moment, just as we are. We are all doing our best and so are our bodies.

There is no room for guilt or judgment here, only love. This is a community to support unconditional self-love and love of each other.

A lot of the inspiration for this community comes from authors of "new thought" or what some people would call "New Age Spirituality," along the lines of "The Secret," as well as the books of Louise Hay and Don Miguel Ruiz. The main idea of the new thought movement is that YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR REALITY. Words spoken and written are very powerful as well. (Any words written that are not loving will be gently and lovingly removed!!)

This is not to say that your thoughts alone are what will help, because we must also address the physical aspects of good health, taking positive and practical steps to feel better.

WELCOME TO THIS COMMUNITY!!! Please feel free to post and share your opinions and the things that have worked for you.