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self: february 2014
So far, we've gone 3 miles on our trip from New York, NY to Los Angeles, CA. Driving distance between the two is 2,778 mi. So come on people! Join! We're not even out of the city yet!

Tally so far:
thefirestarter: 5.0 miles
la_estrella: 4.0 miles
ttelracs: 2.5 miles

Note: These are totals, not per day!

Fifteen minutes of exercise is .5 miles, and the recommended amount of exercise (according to those of a medical persuasion) is 30 minutes three times a week. We can do this! :)

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self: february 2014
Here's another challenge: Let's run across country. Now, you don't have to actually run. Fifteen minutes of exercise = .5 miles. Log your miles here, and I'll find a cool tracker to track our mileage. Thirty minutes of exercise most days of the week is recommended. Let's see how long it takes us to get from New York, NY, USA to Los Angeles, CA, USA!

New Year's Resolutions
self: february 2014
Many of us make New Year's resolutions. "I'm going to lose that excess body fat this year." "I'm going to hit the gym three times a week." Well, we have four weeks before the new year. What, realistically, do you want to do in the next four weeks?

I'll start.

I'm 2.4 away from my 10% goal. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, that's when you lose 10% of your body weight. In my case, it's 23 pounds. (The first two digits of your starting weight, or 234 in my case.) I want to lose those 2.4 pounds, and, even if I don't lose more, I want to maintain that loss.

Your turn!

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kstew arms
Hey guys! Tomorrow, I start eating more consciously and working out more often. I'm curious, how did you all start out? I've heard a lot of you say Weight Watchers is a good plan -- however, I'm in college and can't really afford to join. Any suggestions?

Oh, and I don't think I've introduced myself yet! I'm Blue, 21 years old, and new to the community. *waves* I'm looking forward to seeing what this comm has in store!

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self: february 2014
Hey! Just a quick intro for those of you who don't know me.

I'm Debbie. I have a weight loss journal over at less_of_me. This is my personal journal. It's friends only, but feel free to add me. I'm 26 and 222.4 pounds at the moment. My starting weight was 234. I was down to 221, but I had a binge week. Hey, we all make mistakes. The important thing is to accept it and move on! I do Weight Watchers by going to meetings. I track points online and sometimes use the message boards. I generally don't like message boards, though, so my presence there is almost null.

I don't plan on making any changes to the community, honestly. I do want more participation, though. I had an idea that we can all set a weight loss goal for the winter holidays and keep up with that here. Anyone else want to do this?

So long, farewell...!!!
Hey guys,

Sorry I haven't had time for you lately.  I realize that I've been a lousy mod, so I'm turning the community moderation over to Debbie (la_estrella )!!!  I know she has more time for you guys and more energy to put into her own healthy/ weight-loss efforts than I do.  I know she will do a great job, so I hope you guys will understand that I won't have such an active role anymore (not that I had one lately).  I do, however, intend to stay a member of the community and post when I am able.  Right now my life is so hectic!

C-ya around!  Best of luck with all your get-healthy efforts!



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self: february 2014
Weight Watchers is staring a "Lose For Good" campaign on 9/7. For every pound lost between 9/7 and 10/17, a pound of food will be donated to one of two charities helping end hunger in America and around the world. If you want to lose weight AND donate to a good cause, sign up! :)

And some health care plans pay for the registration fee, so ask about that, too.

Figured I'd share!

Miles done
I just did a workout. And now my tally for the week (since Monday) is 12 miles.

I finished that 10 day challenge on Friday - took Saturday and Sunday as rest days and started back on Monday with various 4 mile walking workouts.

I got a 5 mile one in today but I am feeling particularily pooped so I thought I'd save that for another day.

So my aim to to at least 4 miles every day is going strong. However, I have yet to get any second workouts in per day yet. OH well. The walking is doing some good so I won't beat myself up over that.

How is everyone else doing?

I did it!
Awwwwww, I did it! I did the 10 day challenge for the 4 mile video by Leslie Sansone.

So this week's miles so far: 20

Total from the challenge - 40 and about 500 minutes worth of working out.

I'm so happy to have completed the challenge. I even worked out when I was just so tired and so didn't feel like it.

Now my next challenge to myself - work out about everyday - hopefully twice a day sometimes for the next four weeks (starting Monday). I'm going to Cancun on Sept. 29th and want to really be in the best shape I could be within that time frame. Plus my birthday is Sept. 25th and I always feel that need to use my birthday as a goal with fitness and such.

Miles update
Frankly I have to say I am amazed with myself.

In my last post I said I was doing 4 miles a day. And I was still to work out that night and over the weekend.

Ok I have managed to work out/walk EVERY day. (I'm doing a 10 day challenge. Tonight is day 9 and tomorrow is my last day of doing that same video.)

So last week's miles were: 24 miles
This week so far (again I base it from Monday - Sunday): 12. Like said I end up working out LATE at night (1 am usually) so I still have tonight's work out to do to make it 16 miles and then tomorrow will make it 20. I may take a day or so off - at the very least I'm going to do another video. It may still be a 4 mile one but just not the one I've done for all these days in a row.

Also I've got to promote a product I personally love. I even devoted a whole blog/site about it. It's healthy chocolate. The reason I mention it here is that it can actually help folks lose weight. The chocolte isn't sold retail so the reason for a site is for education purposes.

Tomorrow (Friday) will be three weeks since I've been eating the chocolate consistently each day and some of the differences I've noticed personally are: increased energy, I'm way more regular, way fewer junk food/sugary food cravings, decreased appetite in general. I swear I'm healing faster too - I got bitten up on my arm by a puppy and looked like I'd tangled with a rose bush. Next day it was all pretty much gone. Also I had a headache and only ate an extra piece of chocolate (vs taking Alleve) and my headache quickly went away.

Anyhoo - I wanted to let you guys know about it. If people have questions they can email me or contact me about it.

If it's not cool to promote products here then please let me know and I'll delete this part of the post.


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