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A no dieting suggestion
tiger66466 wrote in no_dieting
A week ago I was talking with a friend of mine and she was telling me about a way of losing weight that doesn't involve traditional dieting. She told me the site name and there is even the book on the site (in pdf format) that you can read - for free.

It's called Fast Five (website is )

Anyhoo, I'm not good with giving the scientific details (those are in the book) but the doctor who wrote it claims that our way of eating multiple times a day causes issues with insulin so that we never get to use fat for fuel (sorry if I'm misquoting/theorizing) and that by eating so often we are flooding our bodies with the hunger hormones.

How it works is you gradually (or whenever it works for you) ease into eating ONLY during a 5 hour window per day - and thus "fasting" for 19 hours per day. It may take you weeks to get to that point - basically go at your own pace. Within your 5 hour eating window you can pretty much eat whatever you want, as much as you want. He even says if you are binging a bit at first it's ok - generally that will level off.

So like said, my friend told me about this last Monday night. The next day I thought I'd try it out. I started off that first day eating about 1pm (but I got up at 12:30pm so it wasn't much of a wait to eat period, lol). I did give myself a 6 or 7 hour window for eating.

The next day I did work and was up much earlier and managed to wait until about 1:40 to eat. I think I stuck to the 5 hour window.

Anyhoo, it's been less than a week and I'm now at what I think is my preferred window (3pm - 8pm). I am amazed by how NOT hungry I am. And how easy it was to stop eating so much for the sake of eating. (THat's my biggie - I like to eat just to eat.)

I find it is helping to know that while I'm not able to eat round the clock I know if I"m having a hankering for something I'll be able to eat it soon enough.

Already my pants are feeling a wee bit looser. And this has included eating pretty heartily the first few days - even went to a buffet on Friday.

It's nice to NOT worry about portion sizes, carbs/fat/protein amounts, calories, having any foods to be forbidden, etc.

I was again surprised by how quickly I was able to get into only eating 5 hours a day (and I am NOT eating non-stop throughout that five hours. And I find I'm satisifed with less food than before.)

The site again is Click on the book cover to open the pdf - it's free. So you can read through it and find out if it makes sense to you with no out of pocket expense.

Oh, yeah, and generally you'll find you can save money on this since you won't be eating as much in the long run (or won't feel the need to buy three separate meals plus snacks if you are not the cooking type.)

Good luck to anyone who gives it a try!

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I've actually tried this over the past few days. I have been keeping a pretty detailed food journal in an Excel sheet that includes times. I realized that I felt better throughout the day when I skipped breakfast. I also ate around 1 PM then around 5 or 6 PM, so I was pretty much doing it anyway. The only thing I needed to adjust was eating snacks before bed. I've been doing really well, I think. I actually feel healthier with the whole not gorging myself. I'm also pretty sure that my pants are looser, too. Maybe this plus starting to exercise regularly again will finally help me lose this gut AND get past my yo-yo/plateau.

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