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self: february 2014
la_estrella wrote in no_dieting
I am a horrible, horrible mod these days! The fall was an incredibly busy, trying time for me between work, school and National Novel Writing Month. I promise that in the coming year I will do better.

I found this in another community (that is not on LJ) and immediately thought of this group: 10 Intuitive Eating Principles. I actually follow most of these on a daily basis. Any thoughts?

A friend of mine turned me onto The Eowyn Challenge. Basically, you walk to the various points from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. I think it's interesting. I started again today. Yay seven miles! :D

At any rate, I will try to make daily and weekly posts here. Is there anything anyone else would like to see? Any informative posts, inspirational posts, etc.? Comments are appreciated!

And again, I am sorry for sucking as a mod!

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Oh I like the list of principles a lot. You're absolutely right about following a lot of them already. We all need to applaud the right choices we make too instead of only beating ourselves up over the wrong ones.
Sheesh! Just thanks for being the mod. Everyone is busy! If you find more inspirational posts, that would be great. If I find any, I'll pass them on. :)

Well, thanks! I'm actually about to go back and start tagging entries, maybe adding some to a memory section. I really do want to jumpstart the comm!

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