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Update from moi, hoping for updates from you!
self: february 2014
la_estrella wrote in no_dieting
I don't like surprises at weigh-in, so I stepped on the scale a little while ago. This was after a very large salad, a no-holds-barred salad for lunch. I didn't even use low-fat dressing. (Hey, I'm allowed to splurge. I really wanted honey mustard!) Anyway, I have EIGHT POUNDS before I'm back into the next "century" -- or, for those of you unfamiliar with that term, the 190-range! In eight pounds I'll weigh less than I have in THREE YEARS! I now weigh less than I have in two. I plan on being back in a bikini by the end of the summer. :)

I've also put my Couch to 5K thing on hold till March. It's really hard to run when it's 21° outside! I made it a block before I gave up. I'm renewing my membership to the rec center so I can exercise indoors for the winter. If I start the C25K thing in March, I'll still be able to do all the fall 5K runs. I wasn't going to be able to do the Shamrock Half Marathon, anyway, since it's 13 miles. That's a goal for 2010. Seriously, it was effing freezing this morning. Um, no.

x-posted to my personal journal :)

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Congrats! That's an amazing goal and amazing progress.

Speaking of was 15-below here this morning. 21 sounds fabulous! :)

Damn that weather! I used to love the cold. I used to hate heat. Now? I'm the opposite of that. It's like Bermuda ruined winter for me. I want to go move somewhere tropical without cold!

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