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self: february 2014
la_estrella wrote in no_dieting
New, Cool, Free Website
I found a really cool free website! lets you track your weight, calorie intake, exercise and so much more! The only thing that they make public is your calorie and food intake. I thought it would be cool to show graphs as to how much exercise you've done. I'm still looking for a website that does that.

Getting Out of NYC
I'm redoing the way we count miles out of NYC. I've found a site that lets me figure out how far we've gone according to maps. I'm counting ONE mile for every TEN minutes of exercise or the physical miles you went, whichever is greater. For instance, I did 30 minutes of exercise today, so that would be miles for me. According to the stationary bike, though, I biked 4.75 miles, which is the higher figure. (Obviously.)

With what I've done today and what everyone said they did on the original miles post, we've gone 24.75 miles...which takes us to Edison, NJ. We've totally cleared the Jersey Turnpike. So now that we're actually making progress because I've streamlined this (hopefully), I hope that more people will log miles with us.

The map is here, and if you need to log in, the user name is nodietingcomm, and the password is password.

Neat Little Trick
Whether you want to track your exercise with us or not, there's a cool little trick you can use to figure out just how hard you're working. I got this from the WW website.

You can also figure it out according to your heart rate. Info on that is here. The calculator is accurate, just so you know. :)

Now, here's my little tidbits. (x-posted to less_of_me

Lo siento to those of you who see this part twice.

WI Woes (This part is true for everyone.)
Well, I've figured something out about my body. I just plain weigh more on Friday and Saturday. It doesn't matter what I eat during the week. It doesn't matter if I'm not dehydrated OR holding water. I just weigh more on Friday and Saturday. Hence, from last week, I had a 4.2 lb gain. I know this -- and more! -- will come right off by Monday. Most of it will be off tomorrow! So, as such, I'm going to start going to switch to a Monday meeting and WI. This is definitely going to be better for my peace of mind. I'm going to scratch this WI today and start fresh on Monday.

Cardio Fun
I recently joined the rec center again. Even though I was totally cool with wearing a bathing suit on the cruise, I'm kinda wary of doing it now. I have no idea why. Beyond that, I never really felt like I did much in swimming. Swimming, for me, is really easy. I'm like a fish. Seriously. On the cruise, I was swimming laps in the Solarium when we were out to sea and pitching wildly. I didn't even start breathing hard. It was really, really fun, though! I'm just a strong swimmer. Anyway, I decided to do some cardio in the gym today. I did 30 minutes on a stationary bike. FUN TIMES! I calculated it on the WW eTools, and I earned FOUR! Activity Points. I biked for 4.75 miles, too!

Needless to say, I'm pretty stoked.

C25K Back On Track
As I was poking around the Activity Tracker looking at various workouts, I noticed that one is "5K for Beginners." I Googled it. It's a training program on the Cool Runnings site -- the site that hosts the C25K program! Now, I would SWEAR I read the instructions on the Cool Runnings site, but this talked about doing the training on a treadmill. Well, there are treadmills in the gym at the rec center! That means, of course, that I can go back to doing the C25K training! If I biked for 4.75 miles today, getting up to the 5K mark will be a breeze!

That's really all for now. I'll post WI results on Monday. I won't be weighing at a meeting. I'll just be weighing on my own.


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