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self: february 2014
la_estrella wrote in no_dieting
So how did everyone do with their goals for the end of 2008? I made my 10% last week (yay!!!), and I'm pretty sure I'll have a loss this week, too. I made a healthy, low-fat Christmas dinner, and I'm going to make wise choices at the annual buffet the family goes to on New Year's Day. All in all, 2008 was a pretty good year for weight loss.'d everyone else do?

Also, I invested in a pedometer. Do you guys want to count miles walked each day on our trip across the country? I'd really like to since right now that's the only exercise I can get. I jacked my knee up this week. Running and power walking are out for a while. :(

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I wanted to be down to 230 .... I got close at 231 ... then Christmas came ... gained about 3 pounds. Grr! Although my gym membership ran out and I've been doing on demand workout videos (we just got comcast), which have a lot more strength training then I'm used to (I would do mostly cardio at the gym and some strength training, but upper body only), so I'm hoping it's muscle weight ;)

I gained about 3 on Thanksgiving. It came right off. Kudos for having the initiative to do On Demand workouts! I may try to do some of those till my knee heals. It's feeling much better today, but I don't want to risk a worse injury. I'm also going to join the rec center when I get my school refund check so I can use their pool.

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