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A no dieting suggestion
A week ago I was talking with a friend of mine and she was telling me about a way of losing weight that doesn't involve traditional dieting. She told me the site name and there is even the book on the site (in pdf format) that you can read - for free.

It's called Fast Five (website is )

Anyhoo, I'm not good with giving the scientific details (those are in the book) but the doctor who wrote it claims that our way of eating multiple times a day causes issues with insulin so that we never get to use fat for fuel (sorry if I'm misquoting/theorizing) and that by eating so often we are flooding our bodies with the hunger hormones.

How it works is you gradually (or whenever it works for you) ease into eating ONLY during a 5 hour window per day - and thus "fasting" for 19 hours per day. It may take you weeks to get to that point - basically go at your own pace. Within your 5 hour eating window you can pretty much eat whatever you want, as much as you want. He even says if you are binging a bit at first it's ok - generally that will level off.

So like said, my friend told me about this last Monday night. The next day I thought I'd try it out. I started off that first day eating about 1pm (but I got up at 12:30pm so it wasn't much of a wait to eat period, lol). I did give myself a 6 or 7 hour window for eating.

The next day I did work and was up much earlier and managed to wait until about 1:40 to eat. I think I stuck to the 5 hour window.

Anyhoo, it's been less than a week and I'm now at what I think is my preferred window (3pm - 8pm). I am amazed by how NOT hungry I am. And how easy it was to stop eating so much for the sake of eating. (THat's my biggie - I like to eat just to eat.)

I find it is helping to know that while I'm not able to eat round the clock I know if I"m having a hankering for something I'll be able to eat it soon enough.

Already my pants are feeling a wee bit looser. And this has included eating pretty heartily the first few days - even went to a buffet on Friday.

It's nice to NOT worry about portion sizes, carbs/fat/protein amounts, calories, having any foods to be forbidden, etc.

I was again surprised by how quickly I was able to get into only eating 5 hours a day (and I am NOT eating non-stop throughout that five hours. And I find I'm satisifed with less food than before.)

The site again is Click on the book cover to open the pdf - it's free. So you can read through it and find out if it makes sense to you with no out of pocket expense.

Oh, yeah, and generally you'll find you can save money on this since you won't be eating as much in the long run (or won't feel the need to buy three separate meals plus snacks if you are not the cooking type.)

Good luck to anyone who gives it a try!

Why Seeking Medical Advice Before Dieting IS Important
self: february 2014
Every advertisement for any diet says, "Please consult a physician before starting a weight loss regimen." The actual wording varies from advertisement to advertisement, but the gist is the same: Talk to a medical professional before you start attempting to lose weight. Now, I'm the first to admit that I never really thought about that much before recently. There's actually a very, very good reason for this.

Generally speaking, when you eat more calories than you can burn, you're bound to gain weight. That doesn't take everything into consideration, though. Prescription medicines -- especially ones to treat mood issues, diabetes, and pain -- list weight gain as a side effect. I personally experienced most of my weight gain when I was switched onto Geodon for the first time. One of my uncles gained weight on a medicine they put him on. I'm not saying that you shouldn't be on medicines. Far from it. Just remember that if you absolutely cannot lose weight, this may be a point to consider with your medical professional. Never go on or off medicine without consulting a medical professional.

Another cause of weight gain in women is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (more commonly known as PCOS). This is actually more common than most people realize. From the websites I've seen (from Google Health to the Mayo Clinic and various government health websites) I can't tell for sure whether weight gain and the in ability to lose weight are causes of PCOS or symptoms of PCOS. At any rate, it's one of the things I plan on having checked in the near future.

I've heard of this through House, MD, but there's actually something to it. Cushing's Syndrome. The weight gain is generally in the face and upper back, so take that into consideration. I really can't describe it, so it's best to read it at the National Institutes of Health website.

I have a few friends who have another issue: food intolerances. Sensitivities can cause bloating and weight gain. This is definitely something to discuss with a medical professional, however, because the Internet is frighteningly overpopulated by websites that can steer you in the wrong direction. That's just the nature of the beast, though. At any rate, when planning to omit an entire type of food from your diet, it's extremely important to discuss this with a medical professional, especially so you can ensure your continued well-being by keeping your diet balanced. You need to make up the nutrients you AREN'T getting in another way.

NOTE: I am not saying that gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian, vegan, or any other diet like that is bad. Your diet is your choice. For some people that's the only thing that will work, and that's fine. It's important to get all the nutrients your body requires, though, so the guidance of a medical professional is important. Also, your medical professional could be your general practitioner or family medical professional or could be someone at a holistic health store. Again, that's your choice. I've personally found more success with natural remedies, but your mileage may vary. Again, it's personal choice and personal preference.

A final point I'll bring up for your consideration is hypothyroidism, especially as it seems to present in a number of different ways. This runs in my family -- my grandmother and one of my sisters have both been diagnosed with it, and my mother and my other sister will get tested for it, as will I.'s checklist may also be a good resource if you plan on talking to your doctor about this. If you're on certain drugs for bipolar and/or depression, you should regularly get your thyroid checked anyway. Make sure they check your T3, T4 and TSH levels.

OK, and this ends today's informative post. This post is by no means all-inclusive of the other issues surrounding weight gain and weight loss. That is yet another reason to check with a medical professional before starting a diet. If you are uninsured or underinsured, there are also other resources in most communities to help you. That's something you'd need to consult someone else on, though, as those things can vary widely.

Links, Ideas & Suggestions
self: february 2014
I am a horrible, horrible mod these days! The fall was an incredibly busy, trying time for me between work, school and National Novel Writing Month. I promise that in the coming year I will do better.

I found this in another community (that is not on LJ) and immediately thought of this group: 10 Intuitive Eating Principles. I actually follow most of these on a daily basis. Any thoughts?

A friend of mine turned me onto The Eowyn Challenge. Basically, you walk to the various points from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. I think it's interesting. I started again today. Yay seven miles! :D

At any rate, I will try to make daily and weekly posts here. Is there anything anyone else would like to see? Any informative posts, inspirational posts, etc.? Comments are appreciated!

And again, I am sorry for sucking as a mod!

A little tip
We just had a meeting here at work about our new health insurance that becomes effective next month.  It turns out, they subsidize Weight Watchers and health club memberships!

So, if you haven't already, it may be a good idea to check with your service provider to see what they'll cover to help you on this journey.

Community info, exercise goals, & more!
self: february 2014
New, Cool, Free Website
I found a really cool free website! lets you track your weight, calorie intake, exercise and so much more! The only thing that they make public is your calorie and food intake. I thought it would be cool to show graphs as to how much exercise you've done. I'm still looking for a website that does that.

Getting Out of NYC
I'm redoing the way we count miles out of NYC. I've found a site that lets me figure out how far we've gone according to maps. I'm counting ONE mile for every TEN minutes of exercise or the physical miles you went, whichever is greater. For instance, I did 30 minutes of exercise today, so that would be miles for me. According to the stationary bike, though, I biked 4.75 miles, which is the higher figure. (Obviously.)

With what I've done today and what everyone said they did on the original miles post, we've gone 24.75 miles...which takes us to Edison, NJ. We've totally cleared the Jersey Turnpike. So now that we're actually making progress because I've streamlined this (hopefully), I hope that more people will log miles with us.

The map is here, and if you need to log in, the user name is nodietingcomm, and the password is password.

Neat Little Trick
Whether you want to track your exercise with us or not, there's a cool little trick you can use to figure out just how hard you're working. I got this from the WW website.

You can also figure it out according to your heart rate. Info on that is here. The calculator is accurate, just so you know. :)

Now, here's my little tidbits. (x-posted to less_of_me

Lo siento to those of you who see this part twice.

WI Woes (This part is true for everyone.)
Well, I've figured something out about my body. I just plain weigh more on Friday and Saturday. It doesn't matter what I eat during the week. It doesn't matter if I'm not dehydrated OR holding water. I just weigh more on Friday and Saturday. Hence, from last week, I had a 4.2 lb gain. I know this -- and more! -- will come right off by Monday. Most of it will be off tomorrow! So, as such, I'm going to start going to switch to a Monday meeting and WI. This is definitely going to be better for my peace of mind. I'm going to scratch this WI today and start fresh on Monday.

Cardio Fun
I recently joined the rec center again. Even though I was totally cool with wearing a bathing suit on the cruise, I'm kinda wary of doing it now. I have no idea why. Beyond that, I never really felt like I did much in swimming. Swimming, for me, is really easy. I'm like a fish. Seriously. On the cruise, I was swimming laps in the Solarium when we were out to sea and pitching wildly. I didn't even start breathing hard. It was really, really fun, though! I'm just a strong swimmer. Anyway, I decided to do some cardio in the gym today. I did 30 minutes on a stationary bike. FUN TIMES! I calculated it on the WW eTools, and I earned FOUR! Activity Points. I biked for 4.75 miles, too!

Needless to say, I'm pretty stoked.

C25K Back On Track
As I was poking around the Activity Tracker looking at various workouts, I noticed that one is "5K for Beginners." I Googled it. It's a training program on the Cool Runnings site -- the site that hosts the C25K program! Now, I would SWEAR I read the instructions on the Cool Runnings site, but this talked about doing the training on a treadmill. Well, there are treadmills in the gym at the rec center! That means, of course, that I can go back to doing the C25K training! If I biked for 4.75 miles today, getting up to the 5K mark will be a breeze!

That's really all for now. I'll post WI results on Monday. I won't be weighing at a meeting. I'll just be weighing on my own.

Update from moi, hoping for updates from you!
self: february 2014
I don't like surprises at weigh-in, so I stepped on the scale a little while ago. This was after a very large salad, a no-holds-barred salad for lunch. I didn't even use low-fat dressing. (Hey, I'm allowed to splurge. I really wanted honey mustard!) Anyway, I have EIGHT POUNDS before I'm back into the next "century" -- or, for those of you unfamiliar with that term, the 190-range! In eight pounds I'll weigh less than I have in THREE YEARS! I now weigh less than I have in two. I plan on being back in a bikini by the end of the summer. :)

I've also put my Couch to 5K thing on hold till March. It's really hard to run when it's 21° outside! I made it a block before I gave up. I'm renewing my membership to the rec center so I can exercise indoors for the winter. If I start the C25K thing in March, I'll still be able to do all the fall 5K runs. I wasn't going to be able to do the Shamrock Half Marathon, anyway, since it's 13 miles. That's a goal for 2010. Seriously, it was effing freezing this morning. Um, no.

x-posted to my personal journal :)

Do You Have An Alter
purple fairy
I am a new poster as it took me awhile to figure it out:) I know this is not about dieting but it is about healthy living. I feel if I can get my mind right, I will do the things that I know are good for me. If this is inappropriate for this site, I apologize in advance, just let me know.

One of the things on my New Year to do list is to "be still" I mean meditate, contemplate, regenerate, well..... you get the idea, I've run out of clever enerate words to describe my aim:) One way is to meditate. I have a couple of CD's that guide my through some imagery, it works if I do it! Oh well, I am very fond of alters and I think they are very common in women's lives. Look around your house. You are sure to find an alter. We set them up with care and often we don't even know it. This is just my dresser. but still I see spiritual significance in it. The cups we used at our wedding toast. They are handmade from hammered metal. They join at the hands and then form a heart when together. I love them so much. My mirror hangers were so old, they broke when we moved. I haven't been able to find them to rehang the mirror but I placed this flower pic up in it's place. Roses and hydrangeas are my favorite flowers. I am setting aside a place in my home for spiritual renewal. I want to make an ever changing alter that reflects important issues or joys, conflicts or resolutions that are current in my life. I want to plan in my day a time to go there alone to reflect on my inner being. I will light a candle, close my eyes and watch my thoughts float by. It is one of the ways I wish to improve my health.

I would love to know what you do for "spiritual renewal". Do you have an alter? Do you have a special place you go to be alone? I picture mine warm, with a round pillow to sit on. An alter to place symbols upon. A music source too.

My First Breakfast of 2009
purple fairy

Here is my first attempt at improving my health:)
Citrucel and greens in 8oz of water
1 cup of light soy milk
4oz of carrot juice
1 poached egg on a mini croissant
1/2 banana
1 TBSP of peanut butter

wow, that was good!

Oh yeah, don't forget the supplements

(no subject)
self: february 2014
So how did everyone do with their goals for the end of 2008? I made my 10% last week (yay!!!), and I'm pretty sure I'll have a loss this week, too. I made a healthy, low-fat Christmas dinner, and I'm going to make wise choices at the annual buffet the family goes to on New Year's Day. All in all, 2008 was a pretty good year for weight loss.'d everyone else do?

Also, I invested in a pedometer. Do you guys want to count miles walked each day on our trip across the country? I'd really like to since right now that's the only exercise I can get. I jacked my knee up this week. Running and power walking are out for a while. :(


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